Last Updated on June 20, 2022

Building a home is a goal on many bucket lists. If you have the means to do so, there are lots of reasons to create your own dream home rather than buying – five of which we detail below. However, some people sadly never fulfill this goal because they are intimidated by the process of building a home.

You might be asking yourself, ‘where do I begin when planning to build a home?’. After you’ve determined your finances and scoped out a location, the answer to this question is: an architect. 

An architect will be able to help you bring your dream home to life, while guiding you through more difficult processes such as applying for planning permission. If you need advice on how to work with an architect, including finding the right architect for you, read our helpful blog post.

Why you should build your own home

Modern barn conversion

1. Future-proofing

If you are planning to start a family or extend your current family, designing your own home means that you can ensure enough space to be able to do so. Perhaps you would like each individual in your household to have their own room, maybe you would like a dedicated playroom for your children, or even a large dining room so that there is space for everyone at the table. Whatever your needs, you can design your home around the family living within its walls. 

Not only that, but building your own home creates a legacy for your children. Your home will likely be worth more than construction and land costs after its completion and, with inflation, your children will have a hugely valuable asset available to set them up for the future. Even if they don’t choose to sell, they have a beautiful home to live in and maybe even keep in the family for generations to come.

Mere House in Haughley

2. Sustainability

Green buildings allow you to lower your monthly bills, while also reducing your impact on the environment. Building an energy efficient home saves you money on water, heating and electricity by taking you ‘off the grid’, which may not be achievable in an existing house.

There are many ways to create a more sustainable home, from installing solar panels to using recycled building materials. With some implementations, such as underfloor heating, it is usually cheaper to install into a brand new home before it has been built, rather than adding it to an existing building.

Another important advantage of building your own home is that you have control over the building process and its impact on the environment; for example, you may choose to source your products locally to minimise mileage and responsibly dispose of or recycle waste from demolition or building. With this power, you can ensure that your house is not only geared towards a sustainable future, but that its creation is also an eco-friendly process.

New housing in Wortham

3. Exciting architecture

Unique homes only appear on the housing market every so often – so one surefire way to be in possession of a home like this is to create it yourself. Whether you have a clear vision, or you want to give an architect the opportunity and creative freedom to produce a magnificent piece of architecture, your home could be a work of art in bricks and mortar.

As well as pleasing your eye, your home could add value to the local area by creating visual appeal and interest.

Underwood House

4. Latest technologies

The world of architecture is moving towards a future of smart buildings, so why not adopt the trend while it’s still young? A smart home is convenient, time-saving and money-saving, and makes it easier for you to be in control of your home life. 

Smart homes connect your devices, from security systems to coffee makers, through your Wi-Fi. This provides you with easier access to control the way your home behaves. Whereas before you might have had to manually switch on the heating using a button in your airing cupboard, now, you could be in another town and turn on the heating from your smartphone, so that your house would be warm when you arrived home.

Smart home in Norfolk

5. The feeling of accomplishment

Building a home which is entirely yours is something to tick off your bucket list and it provides a deep sense of satisfaction. After all, creating your own home is no mean feat, so when the process is complete, you’ll have accomplished a great deal.

Finding the right home for you can often be a long and stressful process. Perhaps you’ve spotted your ideal house from a visual perspective, however it might not be located in the right neighbourhood for you. Building your own home allows you to create a unique house to your specification, satisfying any requirements you may have.

If you are interested in building your own home, we would be delighted to talk to you. Please get in touch with our architectural team on 01284 760421 or visit our contact page.