Ed joined the practice in 2008 as a part 1 student qualifying as a chartered architect in 2014 and became a partner in 2016.

Since joining Whitworth Ed has developed a keen interest in the conservation of historic buildings and has completed the RIBA Conservation Course attaining the level of RIBA Conservation Registrant. Within his time at the practice Ed has worked on a wide variety of projects that have included the careful integration of contemporary materials and designs into sensitive and historic settings, whilst also preserving the integrity of the historic fabric. Ed has established himself within the practice for his work on residential and conservation projects, along with works to public use buildings. In 2023 Ed became a Trustee of The Bury Society and is the Society’s Planning Officer.

Beyond architecture Ed enjoys photography and is a lifelong supporter of Ipswich Town and Somerset County Cricket Club.

Ed Thuell, Partner (Architect) at Whitworth Ed Thuell