Last Updated on April 26, 2021

DIY SOS: The Big Build Mildenhall

If you are a fan of DIY and home renovation programmes, you may have seen DIY SOS: The Big Build. Hosted by Nick Knowles, with the help of his team, the show rounds up local tradesmen and community people to help deserving families.

On Thursday 17th January, the programme will focus on a family in Mildenhall, Suffolk, just half an hour’s drive from our Bury St Edmunds office. Four years ago, husband and father Simon was attacked and left with permanent brain damage. This meant that his wife, Nicole, has spent years as his full time carer.

Due to the layout of their house, Simon has had to sleep downstairs in the living/dining room, and is washed with a bowl of water as he cannot access the upstairs bathroom.

The family have made due so far with just a curtain to separate Simon’s quarters from the rest of the family space. However, this situation is less than ideal as it doesn’t provide much privacy for Simon or his family.

The team and community came together to create a space for the family which provides far better access, comfort and dignity. To carry this out, DIY SOS contacted us and we offered our services to execute a measured survey of the existing building. Our small but important part in this process revealed the building’s measurements and structural elements, and was one of the very first steps in helping this project get underway.

We hope you’ll join us in tuning in to DIY SOS: The Big Build Mildenhall on 17th January 2019 at 8pm on BBC One to see the completed project, and how it changes the lives of Simon, Nicole and their family.