Last Updated on June 20, 2022

Whitworth has created a design for a new house which has been recently submitted for a planning application. During pre-application comments, the design was called ‘brilliant, bold and bespoke’ by the planning officer – a testament to the vision and attention to detail of our architects.

The unique and site-specific design taps into three key aspects:

  1. The pattern of development within the village and types of settlement
  2. The slope and grassland of the site
  3. Views across and through the site

As a result of these considerations, the design proposes a house that comprises a series of buildings which reference the pattern of development within the village in which it is situated. 

In addition, the house will be partially submerged within the grassland slope of the site, and incorporate grass roofs and additional grass slopes to maintain the open grassland feel of the site. This allows the inclusion of subterranean elements to house utility and storage space, but critically, this aspect of the design spreads the key structural elements apart, which addresses the third point:

The building has been designed in a ‘split’ nature to encompass views across and through the site, again softening and mitigating its impact to the landscape.

Providing planning permission is granted, this will be a very exciting project which we look forward to seeing brought to life.

The design from the rear perspective