Last Updated on June 29, 2022

On Saturday 30th March 2019 the Telegraph contained an interesting and extremely useful article regarding the purchase of a Listed Building, with input from Paula Lutescu-Jones (Heritage Consultant at Savills).

Read the article here: Buying a listed property can be a headache – here’s how to get around planning laws

We concur with the advice given, but this relates mainly to what you can or cannot do to a listed building. We would add that an extremely important aspect of purchasing a Listed Building is commissioning a building survey prior to purchase.

A comprehensive building survey prepared by a surveyor experienced in historic buildings should provide you with guidance on what works and issues that might be of concern now and in the short term, but also guide you as to what future matters could arise during your ownership of the building in years to come.

Chartered surveyor Stephen Boniface recently wrote a piece on commissioning a survey that we hope is helpful and complementary to this Telegraph article.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Listed Building, please contact our team of chartered surveyors to arrange a building survey on 01284 760421 or visit our contact page.

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Surveyor Stephen Boniface joins BlueBox Partners

Stephen Boniface is a Chartered Surveyor at Whitworth. Stephen has extensive experience in historic buildings and conservation work, and on a daily basis carries out a variety of work from surveys to expert witness.