Last Updated on December 21, 2021

Romanian hospice accepts its first bedded patients.

WCP designed hospice for Casa Sperantii Bucharest  which opened its doors to day care and childrens work last September is now fully commissioned. Designed as a flagship building to demonstrate the ability to co ordinate palliative care facilities free at the point of need demanded an energy efficient solution single building. Achieved and delivered in association with Archigrup srl.

Work begins on heritage centre for Peterborough Cathedral:

it feels like squeezing a quart into a pint pot, but the challenging commission to create a heritage centre out of a collection of wonderful buildings in the cathedral precincts has got off to a good start.

 Quick start and steady progress on fire damaged cottage in Essex

We recognise the need to get quickly into fire damaged properties, both to minimise delays and maximise retention of historic fabric.  The fire brigade made a good job of retaining as much as possible of the structure, and three weeks on we are well into the specification for the reinstatement.

Historic analysis at Colneford house sheds new light on pargetting:

Well known nationally for the dated pargetting on the front of the house, our analysis suggested an earlier structure incorporated behind, and identified some of the images as geese, chickens, and a clown, as possible satirical emblems concealed in the artistry.

Work starts on reroofing St Edmundsbury Cathedral:

Work has started on reroofing the north aisle of the cathedral following a successful application for lottery funding

Bury Guildhall scheme well on the way

Bury Guildhall Trust’s HLF application to restore the earliest civic building in the country sailed through the early feasibility study stages and we are now preparing specifications for the first stage of roof repairs.

Quinquennial inspection of  St Georges Lisbon complete

Inspection reveals the normal story of the damage caused by blocked gutters, but Dragon Tree wall damage was a new one for us, and the late discovery in the church office of a full set of original plans in English and Portuguese and the building committee’s original report of 1886 was very useful in understanding other defects. The virtues of good lime mortar was stressed even back then.