Last Updated on October 18, 2021

Suffolk is more famous for its beautiful coastlines and quaint villages than it is for its wine, but nonetheless, the handful of vineyards that have been established in the county are going strong – particularly Scarff’s Farms, an arable farm in Combs for which we have secured planning for two new phases of development.

Scarff's Farm vineyard development

The first is a vineyard tasting a tour centre, which aims to educate visitors on the process of growing grapes for English sparkling wine, as well as allow them to taste the vineyard’s offerings. As reported in the East Anglian Daily Times, development has just begun on this new building, which will feature a ground floor with a kitchen, bar, indoor and outdoor tasting areas, and toilet facilities, as well as a second floor storage area.

The second is a group of holiday lodges that will allow guests to stay at the farm and explore the local area further.

All operations are continuing in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines, this includes accepting new architectural and surveying enquiries.