Plumbuita Hospice in Romania, exterior

The Whitworth Co-Partnership acted as concept architect and then consultants for the design and construction of this hospice building in Romania. Staff visited the building for a snagging meeting in February and were pleased to see the high quality of finish. The hospice was designed to the UK health care standards and it was handed over to a local architect to oversee the construction process. While some inevitable changes have occurred during construction including the Romanian twist to the external appearance, the building has followed our design, providing high quality spaces, to aid the care and rehabilitation of patients.

This is Bucharest’s first bedded hospice and has been built by Hospices of Hope, with the aim of it becoming a model for palliative care throughout the country.

Hospices of hope are also in the process of refurbishing an old farm complex including a manor house to be used as a children’s centre. Some of the buildings are already in use; however the manor house still require a considerable amount of work. The Whitworth Co-Partnership have been working with them on this project as conservation consultants.