Last Updated on June 20, 2022

Whitworth are pleased to announce the launch of our new remote consultancy service.  From today remote consultancy services can be ordered directly from our website. The range of consultancy services we now offer remotely is broad, and includes building surveys, conservation advice as well as architectural consultancy.

Find out more about our remote consultancy services.

Why remote consultancy?

Here at Whitworth we are frequently receive requests for consultancy services from clients who are based many miles away from our offices in Bury St Edmunds, Bishops Stortford and Norwich.  

While we enjoy working with clients throughout the United Kingdom (and from further afield) it can sometimes be frustrating that we can’t travel to a site when we might wish to. In some situations it is simply a matter of timing and not being able to arrange an inspection that is mutually convenient.

In order to better serve our clients we have developed a unique and potentially groundbreaking remote consultancy service.  

You can now easily buy remote consultancy services using our simple three step process:

  1. Click the purchase button on the remote consultancy webpage
  2. We will contact you to schedule your remote consultation
  3. Receive consultancy services

We believe we may be the first architectural and surveying practice to offer remote consultancy. Remote consultancy is fast, convenient and gives clients access to the full range of our expertise.

Remote consultancy services – the advantages

With remote consulting you’ll get full access to many years of experience at a lower cost than would be incurred for an inspection. Our starting fee for a site visit is £500 + VAT, because time for travel and writing a report need to be factored into the fee. 

  • Remote consultation removes the time incurred for travel and the recorded session would avoid the need for a report. Of course, if a written report is then needed further costs may be incurred.
  • Cost effective for those situations where it is deemed suitable.  
  • Speedy advice without the need to arrange an inspection.  
  • Consultations can be programmed at a time that suits the client, during normal working hours, although there will be some slots available outside normal working hours.  
  • The consultation will help the client to consider the issues, what works to undertake, what further investigation may be required and/or what next steps to take.
  • Even if a definitive diagnosis is not arrived at, it would normally be expected that we can narrow down the possibilities. Our expert consultants will help in reviewing the problem and suggesting questions and direction for further works.

In order to benefit from remote consultancy you do not need to invest in any specialist equipment. We have designed this service to be accessible to all.

 Find out more about remote consultancy services.