Architectural photography
Boundary Disputes –

Boundary disputes are often the most difficult cases to deal with, not necessarily because of the boundary itself but because it often involves neighbours and becomes personal.  Nonetheless, we can provide advice on boundary matters and, where necessary, can attempt to identify the boundary line.  The success, or otherwise, in dealing with the boundary matter depends to a large extent on what evidence exists both in terms of what can be seen on site, but also regarding drawings, plans, deeds, etc.  We have experience of providing advice regarding boundary lines, trespass, etc., and are happy to provide guidance and advice to either party in a dispute, or to act jointly.
Planning –

As part of the process of dealing with alterations and extensions to buildings we are experienced in preparing applications for planning consent and listed building consent, etc., which would form part of the work undertaken for a project generally.  However, we can independently provide advice and assistance on planning applications.  For example, we are sometimes called upon by other professionals to assist them and provide specialist input with regard to conservation aspects.  We can and have provided advice and input with regard to planning appeals including appearance at appeal hearings and public inquiries.
Disaster Recovery Works –

Our experience in undertaking works following major disasters to your property will assist you as you move forward re-building after the damage. We are able to work closely with loss adjustors to establish the best route forward for repairing your building and getting it back into use as soon as possible and our team can help guide you through what can be a difficult time. Be the damage a result of fire, a car accident, water damage or any other means, we can assist in appropriately repairing and reconstructing your property.
CAD Drawing & 3D Visualisation –

We are happy to offer as a one off service a basic drafting and drawing service. As well as producing 3d visualisations and models. It is standard practice for all our work to utilise computer aided drawing and if required we can produce models of all or part of any design or project we are involved in. The practice currently uses AutoCAD as our standard drawing tool.
Feasibility Studies –

Apart from feasibility studies that consider the use of the spaces and aesthetics, we can provide feasibility studies that consider change of use for the building, the site or its component elements.  We can also provide input with regard to economic feasibility studies. Our architectural feasibility studies will aid you in understanding how you may be able to get the best use of your site or property, in outline terms. The studies can look at spatial possibilities, as well as the requirements of a site such as 3rd party involvement and investigations that any given site may require, such as ecology.
Masterplanning –

Where a building, complex of buildings, or a site, requires a long-term masterplan, we can provide architectural and surveying input.  This can involve assessment of the buildings in terms of condition and what is required to bring them back to usable condition, or to alter or change them for an alternative use.  Consideration can be given to the use of spaces and aesthetics as well as issues related to conservation and obtaining consent.  Guidance can be given on prioritising works and phasing the project.  Our input is often alongside those of others to create a master plan, such as might be required for HLF grant funding.  A master plan can sometimes include a business plan and might need to be supported by research, etc.  We can work in conjunction with others to produce the required elements.
Contract Administration –

We are able to undertake contract administration roles for projects in a variety of manners. We can take on the duty of contract administrator and oversee a project on site and administer a contract between a client and a contractor. We can also provide oversight for any element of your project and manage the day to day handling of a project and liaising with the various involved bodies, such as other consultants and statutory authorities.
Church Works –

As a practice we have wide ranging and long standing experience of working on church buildings of all denominations.  Philip Orchard sits on the Diocesan Advisory Committees for both the St Edmundsbury and Ely Dioceses for the Church of England and Mark Cleveland sits on the Baptist Union Listed Building Advisory Committee. Within the practice we are responsible for Church of England, Catholic, Baptist and Methodist churches and church buildings, along with a number of other non-conformist churches and chapels. Within this sector of work our services can range from undertaking condition surveys, as a one off or as regular quinquennial inspections, through to undertaking detailed repair schedules, church re-orderings and extensions, offering a full range of architectural services for your project.