remote building consultancy

We use remote consultancy sessions to be where we can’t be, faster than we could get there and sooner than it would be possible to book an appointment to visit in person.

Our remote consultancy services include building surveying, defect identification and initial consultations for a wide range of our services.

When you book a remote consultation you receive the same high level of expertise that an in-person visit gives you. Remote consultancy gives access to our most senior partners, meaning you can take advantage of the many years of experience Whitworth has to offer.

In order to take part in remote consultancy you only need a smartphone or tablet. We’ll take care of the rest.

Remote consultancy is the simple, swift and efficient way to solve problems and get industry-leading advice. Remote consultancy is offered by Architects, Building Surveyors and Historic Building Consultants.

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Remote Consultancy Terms and Conditions