Last Updated on June 29, 2022

We at Whitworth are proud to employ a team of Architects and Surveyors of varying backgrounds and levels of experience, including our newly qualified staff and team members who are still obtaining their degrees. This week, Stacey Cobbold, an Architectural Assistant at the firm, gained her Part 3 qualification to become an Architect. This means that, since 2013, we have seen the qualification of four Architects, as well as three Surveyors and two Technicians.

However, even those who have been with us for years are obtaining new qualifications. In the same period, we have also seen the registration of three Conservation Registrants, a Conservation Architect, and an AABC renewal and an Expert Witness Qualification. As an established firm with a rich history and longstanding relationship with our local area, we actively encourage our team members to pursue qualifications and specialisation to both enhance their knowledge and careers.

This is a record we are proud of and we look forward to seeing more of our team members continue their education into the future.