Last Updated on August 14, 2023

It has recently been announced that Ed Thuell, architect and partner at Whitworth, has been adopted as a planning adviser to the Bury Society.

Ed will be gradually taking over from interim planning officer Richard Summers over the coming months, and it is expected that he will stand as a Trustee at the Bury Society’s annual general meeting in June 2023.

What is the Bury Society?

The Bury St Edmunds Society CIO (Bury Society) is a charity open to everyone who wishes to preserve and improve the culture and lifestyle of Bury St Edmunds. Whitworth and Bury St Edmunds are intrinsically linked, as the town has been home to our head office for many decades, and our portfolio includes a wide range of projects within the area.

Bury St Edmunds features a number of historic buildings, many of which require careful consideration in regards to repairs or the sensitive addition of contemporary materials and designs.

In his newly appointed position, Ed, alongside co-adviser Peter Riddington, will utilise his vast experience and intimate knowledge of the town to tackle the challenges of urban design, alongside the wider planning issues that crop up amongst the great variety of planning applications that come to the attention of the Bury Society.

Ed will of course continue as normal in his position at Whitworth.

For more information about the Bury Society, please visit their website.

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